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Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices

The content focuses on identifying and correcting run-on sentences and comma splices, which are common issues that test-takers will encounter on the GRE exam.
  • Run-on sentences contain two or more complete sentences mashed together without proper punctuation.
  • Comma splices occur when two complete sentences are joined only by a comma, which is insufficient for correct punctuation.
  • Three main strategies for fixing run-ons and comma splices include using a period to make two separate sentences, employing a conjunction (coordinating or subordinating), or using a semicolon.
  • Coordinating conjunctions can be remembered with the acronym FANBOYS, while subordinating conjunctions turn a complete sentence into a dependent clause.
  • Test examples illustrate common pitfalls and demonstrate how to apply the strategies to correct or avoid run-on sentences and comma splices.
Understanding Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices
Strategies for Correction
Applying Knowledge to Test Examples