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Adding or Deleting Sentences

This lesson focuses on strategies for answering rhetorical skills questions on the GRE, specifically those asking whether to add or delete sentences in a passage.
  • Introduction to a specific type of rhetorical skills question involving the decision to add or delete sentences.
  • Explanation of the question format, including a 'yes' or 'no' decision followed by a rationale.
  • Strategy for approaching these questions by first evaluating the factual accuracy of the rationales provided.
  • Illustration of the process through examples, highlighting the importance of context and relevance to the passage.
  • Review of common reasons for adding (clarification or explanation) or deleting (off-topic or unnecessary) sentences.
  • Emphasis on the importance of straightforward, factual reasoning in deciding whether to add or delete information.
Understanding Add/Delete Questions
Strategies for Decision Making
Evaluating Rationales
Common Reasons for Adding or Deleting