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Redundant Meanings

The lesson focuses on identifying and correcting redundancy in sentences, a common error on the GRE exam that can be subtle and easily overlooked.
  • Redundancy occurs when a sentence repeats the same idea unnecessarily, making the expression less concise.
  • Examples include using phrases that convey the same meaning, such as 'annually' and 'each year', or redundant conjunctions like 'although' and 'but' together.
  • The GRE test values conciseness, urging test-takers to express ideas with as few words as possible without losing meaning.
  • Understanding the difference between similar concepts, such as 'principle' (a rule or guideline) and 'principal' (first or a school head), is crucial for identifying redundancy.
  • Test strategies include looking for answer choices that omit redundant phrases, as this can often lead to the correct answer.
Understanding Redundancy
Identifying Redundant Phrases
Conciseness and Clarity
Test Strategy: Omitting Redundant Phrases