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Trap Answer Choices

The content focuses on identifying and avoiding trap answer choices in the GRE exam, particularly within the reading section, by categorizing common traps and offering strategies for effective elimination and selection of the correct answers.
  • Trap answer choices are designed to mislead test-takers with options that are almost correct, necessitating a careful analysis to identify the correct answer.
  • Common traps include opposite/reversed terms, too extreme language, not mentioned in the passage, and the 'rotten spot' where a single incorrect detail invalidates an otherwise plausible answer.
  • Strategies for overcoming these traps include reading answer choices carefully, being wary of extreme language, verifying that the answer is mentioned in the passage, and ensuring no part of the answer choice is incorrect.
  • Practical exercises demonstrate how to apply these strategies by categorizing wrong answers and reinforcing the importance of returning to the passage to find supporting evidence for the correct answer.
  • The ultimate goal is to improve the ability to quickly eliminate wrong answers and confidently select the right one, especially when faced with two seemingly viable options.
Understanding Trap Answers
Categories of Trap Answers
Strategies for Avoiding Traps
Applying Knowledge through Practice