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The content provides a comprehensive guide on tackling the ACT Reading section, emphasizing the importance of strategic approaches to enhance comprehension and accuracy.
  • Read the question carefully and simplify it to understand what is being asked, removing any unnecessary fluff.
  • Go to the relevant part of the passage to find the answer, relying on memory when possible but always verifying with the text.
  • Formulate your own answer before looking at the choices to avoid being misled by tempting but incorrect options.
  • Maintain a literal interpretation of the questions and answers, especially for inference questions, to stay closely aligned with the passage's content.
  • Match your answer to the choices provided and use process of elimination if necessary, being wary of answer choices that seem correct but are not supported by the passage.
Understanding and Simplifying the Question
Finding and Interpreting Relevant Information
Formulating and Matching Your Answer
Literal Interpretation and Process of Elimination