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The lesson provides a strategic approach to tackling Meaning of Words Questions on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of context in determining word meanings.
  • Introduce a strategy for answering Meaning of Words Questions by replacing the word in question with a blank and generating a personal definition based on context.
  • Emphasize the necessity of creating your own answer for the blank to better understand the sentence and find the closest synonym among the answer choices.
  • Highlight the importance of reading all answer choices back into the sentence to ensure the selected synonym accurately reflects the context.
  • Use an example to illustrate the process, showing how to discern the most fitting synonym by comparing personal definitions with given options.
  • Warn against common pitfalls, such as choosing synonyms that seem obvious but do not fit the context, and the significance of secondary definitions.
Introduction to Meaning of Words Questions
Strategic Approach to Answering Questions
Applying the Strategy: An Example
Evaluating Answer Choices
Recap and Key Takeaways