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The lesson focuses on Author's Voice Questions in the GRE, emphasizing the importance of understanding the author's tone, feelings, and opinions on the subject matter to accurately answer questions.
  • Author's Voice Questions ask about the tone of the passage and the author's feelings or opinions on a topic.
  • A key strategy is to determine the main idea of the passage, as it is crucial for answering these questions correctly.
  • Purposeful word choices are indicators of the author's tone and should be actively looked for and underlined during reading.
  • Extreme answer choices are usually incorrect; it's safer to choose answers that are more neutral or moderate.
  • An example analysis demonstrates the process of identifying the tone as objective by eliminating other options based on evidence from the passage.
Understanding Author's Voice Questions
Strategies for Answering Author's Voice Questions
Identifying Purposeful Word Choices
Avoiding Extreme Answer Choices
Example Analysis of a Tone Question