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Introducing and Concluding Paragraphs

The lesson focuses on strategies for selecting the best introductory or concluding sentences for paragraphs and essays in the GRE exam, emphasizing the importance of aligning with the main idea and avoiding overly broad or specific choices.
  • Identify the main idea of the paragraph or essay before choosing an introductory or concluding sentence.
  • Ensure the chosen sentence accurately reflects the main theme without being too vague or too detailed.
  • Consider the entire essay's context when selecting a concluding sentence to emphasize long-term success or other broad themes.
  • Avoid answer choices that introduce irrelevant details or deviate from the paragraph's or essay's main focus.
  • Use specific language from the test to guide the selection of the most appropriate sentence.
Introduction to Paragraph and Essay Questions
Analyzing Introductory Sentence Choices
Strategies for Introductory and Concluding Sentences