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Understanding Tables, Graphs, and Figures

This lesson focuses on the essential skills needed to understand and interpret tables, graphs, and figures on the ACT Science Test, highlighting the importance of labels, the identification of trends, and the application of these skills under exam conditions.
  • Understanding labels and their significance in tables and graphs is crucial for locating key information quickly.
  • Identifying trends and relationships within data, both vertically in columns and horizontally in rows, aids in answering questions accurately.
  • The distinction between different types of graphs, such as line and bar graphs, and the role of independent and dependent variables is emphasized.
  • Attention to detail is necessary to avoid confusion caused by similar-looking data points or graphs with similar labels.
  • Explanatory charts and diagrams within the test passages are important and usually indicate complex information that will be tested.
Understanding Tables and Graphs
Identifying Key Information
Interpreting Data Trends
Navigating Complex Figures