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Finding Trends and Patterns

This lesson focuses on identifying patterns and trends in data, a skill critical for success on the ACT Science test, which comprises approximately 50% of the questions.
  • Understanding and interpreting data, patterns, and trends is essential for about half of the questions on the ACT Science test.
  • Prior knowledge of interpreting scientific graphs, tables, and figures is recommended for better comprehension.
  • The lesson covers how to interpret changes in data, extrapolate and interpolate data points, and understand direct and inverse variation.
  • Examples provided illustrate how to analyze graphs and tables to predict outcomes or understand relationships between variables.
  • The importance of recognizing when there is no pattern in the data is emphasized, advising caution against forcing a pattern where none exists.
Understanding Patterns and Trends
Interpreting Changes in Data
Extrapolating and Interpolating Data Points
Understanding Direct and Inverse Variation
Creating Your Own Graph or Table