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Intro to ACT Math


Okay, Introduction to ACT Math. The second section on the ACT is of course the ACT Mathematics Test, and for this you have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions. All of these questions are standard five-choice multiple choice questions. So you probably have seen these many times before on many other standardized tests. Just the ordinary question, five choice multiple choice kind of questions.

Now the ACT Math Test is designed to test how much math you have learned in high school, that is, your level of math achievement. Most of the topics are topics that everyone has covered in high school math. Some of the more advanced topics, you may or may not have seen depending on whether you have seen trigonometry, whether you've seen some of these more advanced topics. But all of them are things that theoretically would be covered in high school math.

It does not include calculus. It covers a variety of topics that students would typically see in the first three years of high school math. While you have to have a strong knowledge of the topic areas, the test is not interested in your rote memorization. Instead, it is interested in your logic and your ability to engage with mathematical thinking.

That's very important. So it's not just about memorizing, you actually have to think on the math test. In this general math strategies section, we will discuss some aspects of general mathematical thinking that can help you. In the subsequent modules, we will cover all the content you need to know, from the very basic to the very advanced.

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