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Writing Equations

The essence of translating word problems into mathematical equations is crucial for GRE prep, focusing on understanding how verbal cues correspond to mathematical operations.
  • Translating words to math involves recognizing verbs like 'is' or 'are' as indicators of the equals sign in an equation.
  • Expressions such as '50 more than B' translate to mathematical operations differently than they appear in text, requiring a reversal in order (e.g., B + 50).
  • Understanding the mathematical representation of percentages and their operations is key, such as knowing that '50% of B' translates to 0.5 * B.
  • Solving complex word problems involves creating and manipulating equations based on the given information, often requiring algebraic setup before finding the solution.
  • The process of solving these problems is demonstrated through practice problems, highlighting the steps from translating the problem into equations to solving for the unknown.
Translating Verbal Cues to Mathematical Equations
Understanding Percentages in Equations
Solving Practice Problems
Preparing for Complex Word Problems