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Assumptions & Estimation

Understanding how to effectively use estimations and assumptions in ACT geometry problems is crucial for test-takers. The ability to visually estimate measurements can significantly aid in narrowing down answer choices and confirming calculations.
  • Geometry diagrams on the ACT are almost always drawn to scale, allowing for the use of visual estimation in solving problems.
  • Visual estimation can help eliminate incorrect answers and serve as a confirmation for calculated answers, though it rarely solves a problem entirely on its own.
  • Using the paper-based test to your advantage, such as using the corner of an answer sheet as a right angle or comparing lengths, can aid in estimation.
  • Basic estimation techniques can eliminate several answer choices quickly, improving the chances of guessing the correct answer when unsure of the solution.
  • Understanding the scale and possible ranges of sizes in geometric diagrams is a key strategy for the ACT.
The Importance of Diagrams Drawn to Scale
Practical Estimation Techniques
Applying Estimation to Solve Problems
Visual Estimation in Practice