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Intro to ACT Data Interpretation


Now we can talk about the data interpretation problems on the ACT. The ACT asks students to interpret data that is given on charts and tables. Sometimes one of these charts, or tables accompanies a single stand-alone question, and sometimes it accompanies a bank of as many as 3-4 questions. Many of these graphs will be kinds you have already seen in school. If you feel you want more experience in this, I would suggest searching newspapers and news magazines for graphs and charts.

Especially if you look at the business section of a newspaper, you'll often see many graphs and charts. And if you can really understand what point, what story the graph or chart is saying then you really understand what's going on. I'll just point out that human beings use graphs because a visual display is a powerful and efficient way to convey a tremendous amount of information.

You may have heard the old phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well for exactly the same reason, a graph is worth a thousand words. And if you can look at a graph and appreciate all the information, the thousands of words of information that are encapsulated in that graph, then you really understand it.

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