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The lesson focuses on the critical aspect of verb tense for the GRE exam, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and applying the correct tense in sentences to match context and parallel structure.
  • Verb tense is crucial for many GRE test questions, especially in ensuring verbs within a sentence or paragraph are consistent.
  • The lesson covers the three basic categories of verb tense: present, past, and future, including their variations like simple, perfect, progressive, and perfect progressive.
  • Understanding the use of helper verbs and the significance of time indicators (e.g., yesterday, tomorrow) is essential for choosing the correct verb tense.
  • The lesson provides examples to illustrate how different tenses are used to express habitual actions, completed actions, ongoing actions, and actions that will happen in the future.
  • Test-taking strategies include matching verb tenses within sentences and looking for time indicators to determine the appropriate tense.
Understanding Present Tense
Navigating Past Tense
Exploring Future Tense
Mastering Verb Tense Consistency