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The content focuses on understanding and mastering idioms for the GRE exam, emphasizing the challenge idioms pose due to their nature of being commonly accepted phrases without strict grammatical rules.
  • Idioms are difficult for non-native speakers and those not extensively exposed to English literature.
  • There's no single rule for learning idioms; familiarity and practice are key.
  • Prepositional phrases often signal idiomatic expressions on the GRE, making them crucial to study.
  • Studying the most common 50 idioms can significantly improve test performance.
  • When faced with idiom questions, trusting what sounds right and paying attention to prepositions can guide to the correct answer.
  • Understanding how different prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence is essential, rather than focusing solely on grammatical correctness.
The Challenge of Idioms
Strategies for Mastering Idioms
Focusing on Prepositions
Practical Test Example