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Mastering idioms is crucial for excelling in the GRE, especially for non-native English speakers or those less exposed to extensive reading. Idioms, often involving prepositions, are fixed expressions whose meanings cannot be deduced from the individual words. Understanding and practicing with the most common idioms can significantly enhance test performance.
  • Idioms are commonly accepted phrases in English that have developed over time, lacking hard and fast grammar rules.
  • Many idioms involve prepositional phrases, making prepositions a key area of focus for test-takers.
  • Practicing with the most common 50 or so idioms, especially those involving prepositions, can improve test performance.
  • When faced with idiom questions, going with what sounds right, even if it means mouthing the words silently, can be a helpful strategy.
  • Understanding how different prepositions can alter the meaning of a sentence is crucial, as the GRE often tests this aspect.
The Challenge of Idioms
Strategies for Mastering Idioms
Focusing on Prepositions
Practical Test Example